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Experience Ecuador: Photography, Yoga, Adventure, & More. Your Journey Starts Here.

At Amazon – Andes – Sky we have a simple goal, we want to share the Ecuadorian experience with the world. Our staff, administrators and guides, local and foreign are mesmerized with this tiny country and want to introduce it to you in a unique and unforgettable way. Our small group, specialized itineraries are built around the concept that travel can be so much more than a stamp in your passport. Melt into relaxation above a stunning crater lake, expand your mind as you learn new skills, feel the adrenaline¬† as you bike down the world’s highest active volcano, or capture the perfect photograph while you simultaneously experience the incredible bio-diversity, people, history and landscapes of Ecuador during one of our unique Specialty or Custom Tours. Whether your passion is Yoga, Photography, Adventure, Family or beyond, we have an itinerary for you! As we strive to give our clients a unique and awe inspiring experience we also seek to promote the people, community and country that accept us as guests. Join us and allow yourself to discover the hidden jewels that this country has to offer. Rich culture, unique, welcoming people and a breathtaking amount of biodiversity await you on Ecuador’s mainland. We think you should see it!

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