About Elise

photo 1Wanting to be authentic and striving to be as true to herself as possible, Elise entered yoga and meditation to unravel her true desires in life.  It is with this passion that she teaches and helps her students become the best versions of themselves. Elise is a yoga and meditation teacher, a highly successful graphic designer, and athlete who has created her life to be one that she loves.  She lives in Vail, Colorado most of the year, but travels throughout the world teaching, creating, and helping others to find the same. Accrediting her pursuits of passion to her meditation and yoga practices, Elise wants to help guide you to whatever is next in your life that is incredible and fabulous. So take a few days out of your life and discover Ecuador as you travel inward with Elise’s yoga and meditation teachings.

Elise’s education and experience:
In 2008 Elise received her 250 accreditation from The Barkan Method. This diverse style of yoga involves a beautiful combination of vinyasa flow sequencing including balancing postures, strength building postures and the occasional inversions. Elise then adds yin sequencing to incorporate a deep meditative savasana at the end of each class. In 2010 Elise continued her education and received her level II certification and then went on to study more restorative practices throughout North Carolina and Colorado. To round out her education (for now) Elise became certified in the Modern Day Meditation technique and began teaching powerful, dynamic classes in Boulder, Colorado. She currently teaches at Vail Hot Yoga and helps the amazing athletes of the valley as well as the beginners to yoga, teaching all experience levels  how to build their practice while healing injury and bringing more calm into their lives.

Daily Practice:
Wake up in Ecuador, and let Elise combine her knowledge of alignment and breath into dynamic classes that will get your body up and ready for exhilarating adventure. With integrated meditation practice, you will find depth to your trip, and steps in your life to continue to make the best life you can. Elise will help guide you into truly connecting with your highest self.

Evening Practice:
In the evenings enjoy restorative yoga and guided meditations to send you off into a peaceful and restful sleep that will prepare you for the next day’s adventures.

If you would like to ask Elise any questions or just say hi, you can contact her at e@elisereynolds.me. Also check out her website and social media outlets and get to know her better and get some great tips, recipes, and inspirations. Www.elisereynolds.me

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