About Mado

About Mado

Upcoming Retreat with Mado: January 25-February 2, 2014
Price per person: $2125
small uprightBorn in Japan and growing up in Hawaii, this bookworm never imagined that her life would be so influenced by a physical practice.  First through Marital Arts and then through Yoga, Mado learned to access the mind through the body and her life was forever transformed.
Mado has completed teacher trainings in multiple styles of yoga including vinyasa flow, anusara, and therapeutic yoga since she first started teaching in 2005.  In the past few years she has enjoyed training and mentoring new teachers even as she continues to pursue her own education.  She is honored to be on the staff of the Asheville Community Yoga Teacher training, as well as other regional teacher training programs.  She is also the creator of teachingyoga.net, a yoga teacher knowledge base and trueselfyoga.com, her personal yoga website.  Her classes include both mental & physical aspects of yoga with a focus on therapeutic alignment.

In addition to yoga, Mado enjoys hiking, dancing, aerial arts, and crossfit.  Her most challenging and rewarding yoga practice so far is raising her spirited 10 year old daughter.

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Retreat Overview

YogaMtn1Dates: January 25-February 2, 2014

Price Per Person: $2125

Maximum Group Size: 10

A Yoga Retreat Like No Other

Need a break from the daily grind? Want to experience a beautiful balance of adventure and relaxation? Thinking of taking your yoga or wellness practice on the road? Our team at Amazon-Andes-Sky is thrilled to introduce you to a truly unique approach to the traditional retreat experience. We recognize that you want to relax on vacation while deepening your yoga, meditation, and/or wellness practice. On the other hand, you want to truly experience the area’s rich culture, to meet the local Quechua speakers, to explore the breathtaking heights of the Andes Mountains, and to immerse yourself in the region’s highlights. You want to see what Ecuador has to offer. You want it all and we think you should have it!

Crater lake yoga practice


  • the world’s highest active volcano
  • a tropical cloud forest paradise
  • a remote community surrounded by dramatic landscapes
  • Quito’s bustling historic center
  • a stunning volcanic crater lake
  • and more…

Our wellness, meditation, and yoga retreats are designed to explore all of the above. We aren’t inviting you here just to sit in one breathtaking paradise…we’ve got 3-4 in mind! Traveling at a relaxed pace throughout the Avenue of Volcanoes, we incorporate the balanced elements of relaxation + exhilaration, serenity + rejuvenation, and adventure + focused practice into every retreat experience. From a tropical cloud forest paradise to the windswept plains of the paramo highlands, you will have the opportunity to truly experience the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes without sacrificing your focus and dedication to your practice. In fact, we believe that seeing more of our world is a wonderful way to deepen your personal growth…why not start with one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet?!

Sit back and relax; delve into your meditation and yoga practice without worrying about what to do next. Spend your time connecting with nature, immersing yourself in the culture and enjoying the camaraderie of your small group. We take care of the logistics, activities, meals, transportation and lodging, leaving you free to enjoy the scenery and culture of Ecuador while concentrating on the meditation and yoga practices that help you feel at peace. All levels of practice, beginner to advanced are welcome!

NEW: Reduce your price by adjusting your accommodations and payment typeMaeve Blythe Yoga Retreat Ecuador
9 Day Budget Option starting at $1978

Minimum Group Size=4; Maximum Group Size=10

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