Ave of Volcanoes (6)I grew up in the backwoods of the Florida panhandle, far away from cable television, traffic and big city life in a small town where most of my extended family still resides. In 2003 I graduated from Florida State University and could deny it no longer, I had the travel-bug so bad, I could barely stand it! I’ve spent the last 9 years traveling, living and working all over the US and Europe. I’ve been a ranch hand in Colorado, a high adventure trip guide on an undeveloped island in the FL Keys, a bartender (and ski bum) on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort in California, and most recently a senior wilderness therapy instructor living in the backwoods of GA with at-risk adolescents. I participated in a study abroad program for humanities in which we studied the art and culture of Western Europe and later completed a program with the hospitality industry that led me through Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, England, Czech Republic and Italy. I am new to Ecuador (that’s why I’m an assistant!) but with only a few months under my belt here I have already developed a passion for this culture and a sense of comfort with my surroundings that tells me I will probably be here for quite some time!

While I am new to the area, I have extensive experience guiding tours, managing large groups, handling complicated logistics, and making sure every last detail is accounted for. Oh, yeah, and I’m ready to have a blast once you’re here! If you have a question we can’t answer immediately on your tour or at any time while you’re down here with us, I’m your personal research assistant! Just let me know what you’d like to find out and I’ll get you your answers ASAP. I’ll also be snapping some photos along the way so remember to SMILE!!

All of the backstory aside, I’m here to make sure you’re comfortable and enjoying the natural beauty and rich culture Ecuador has to offer and am a born and raised ardent believer in Southern Hospitality…please, make yourself right at home and whatever you need, just ask!