Bus Stations in Quito

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Getting around Ecuador from Quito is a very simple thing to do. Unfortunately there is not a lot of good information out there about how to do it and this can make a simple day trip a far more taxing ordeal then it need to be. In the following series of posts, I describe in detail how to get to various places in Ecuador, from Quito by bus.

As this is the first post in a series I am going to start at the beginning. You’re in Quito and you want to go somewhere outside the city. How do you do it?

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What was the best part of your last yoga retreat?

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Here at Amazon – Andes – Sky we are always looking for way to improve our retreats. We are extreamly proud of our reputation for hosting the best yoga reatreats in Ecuador and we wish to maintain that reputation by continuing to improve our retreats and the experience for our friends and clients. Please take a minute to fill out the comment box below and let us know what you thought was the best part your last yoga retreat.

Many Thanks,

Greg and the AAS team.

Yoga and Meditation in Ecuador

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Be inspired by Cotopaxi

A horse traverses a field shadowed by Cotopaxi, the worlds highest active volcano.

Can you name this volcano?

This is Cotopaxi, the worlds highest active volcano. This picture was taken just outside of Ecuador’s Cotopaxi national park. The park offers several spectacular places to view the increadble power of nature and to truey appriciate our tiny part on this great big world.

Cotopaxi and the many volcanoes surrounding it is the perfect place to practice mindfulness as you are reminded of how big the world really is.

Did your Yoga Retreat include this?

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An active yoga vacation.

A yoga vacation shouldn’t be inactive.

Many yoga retreats and yoga vacations concentrate on keeping you focused within.  That kind of practice is good for the mind and soul. But when we go on a vacation we have given our limited time to some particular place. When you come to Ecuador you have not just chosen the particular you have chosen the spectacular.

Ecuador’s Cotopaxi  national park is home to the world’s highest active volcano! Options for ways to interact with this gorgeous, surreal landscape in just one day include downhill mountain biking, hiking to the climbers refuge at 15,748ft or further still to the glacier’s edge, or a combo hike/bike. All day trips include round trip transportation from Quito, equipment, guide and lunch. We highly recommend that you spend a day or two acclimating in Quito before you take this trip to see how you adjust to the altitude (FYI, Quito is situated at 9,300ft).

You can can focus inwardly anywhere you wish all year. But we believe that during your yoga vacation you should not just retreat inward you should use your time to  also expand outward.

Top 3 things to do in Quito before going to the Galapagos

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Quito is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world who stop by on their way to the Galapagos Islands. While tourism in the Galapagos is extremely popular, Quito continues to be an unexpected surprise for many visitors. Quito is an historic city located in a lush Andean valley, the culture and vistas are not to be missed. But what to do in so little time? We have compiled a short list of must see day trips for the Quito quick visitor.

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Isn’t this the most pristine place for a yoga vacation?

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Pavillion for yoga vacations

A perfect pavillion for your yoga vacation

Can you believe that yoga travelers all over the world have yet to discover Ecuador? This tiny pavilion offers a perfect hideaway for practicing mindful yoga while in a pristine setting. While Costa Rica remains a popular destination for yoga vacationers. Ecuador remains an untouched gem. It’s the perfect place to get away from the daily grind and get back into you practice.

Aside from being a pristine loacation for a yoga vacation Mindo is a birder’s paradise and an adventurer’s playground. This tiny town is just a gorgeous two hour bus ride from Quito. The atmosphere is heavenly with the feel of a Costa Rican beach but in the mountains.  With only one main road running the length of town and few side streets, you can take your time enjoying the laid-back atmosphere rather than rushing to get your bearings. Breathe in the warm, moist air and your lungs will thank you for escaping big city life. Outdoor activities include canopy sip-line tours, waterfall hikes, and river tubing while those seeking to take a break from an adrenaline-pumping lifestyle can enjoy butterfly and orchid farms, chocolate tasting and bird-watching tours.

Quito…here we come!

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Driving through the flatlands of Alligator Alley on our way to the Avenue of Volcanoes…what a great way to spend a Tuesday morning!



Why Ecuador?

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A lot of people ask us, “why Ecuador” when we talk about places to travel. Most Americans have barely heard of it and and often can’t locate it on a map until we say that Ecuador includes the Galapagos Islands…ah, yes, the light bulb comes on! People have generally heard of these famous islands, know what they’re famous for and usually know their approximate location. Ecuador has so much more to offer than that!

If you read my bio you will see that I initially arrived in Guayaquil looking to get an A+ grade in Spanish 2. Before that, I had little desire to travel to South America and had never heard of Ecuador, let alone the city of Guayaquil. I stayed that first time with a host family and in one short month, I fell in love with this country. Nothing has been the same since. Ecuador is so easy to reach and is such a fantastic experience, words just simply cannot describe it. Despite that fact, I would like to give it a try by sharing just a few reasons why you should come visit this tiny, amazing country.

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Behold My Street!!!

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Will the construction never end?!?!?!

Parque Metropolitano

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Nicole and I took the morning off to visit Quito’s super awesome Parque Metropolitano. Metropolitano is the biggest city park in Latin America, several times bigger than New York’s Central Park, and it shows. Once you walk into the main park entrance you seem instantly out side of the urban atmosphere that surrounds the park. It’s safe, it’s covered with trees and trails, it’s quiet. The only real reminder that you’re still in a major metropolitan area are the people. But even then, people in Metropolitano tend to be clustered by the main parking lots. The moment you head off into a trail it feels as if you’re in the woods, privately enjoying the surroundings.

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