Isn’t this the most pristine place for a yoga vacation?

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Pavillion for yoga vacations

A perfect pavillion for your yoga vacation

Can you believe that yoga travelers all over the world have yet to discover Ecuador? This tiny pavilion offers a perfect hideaway for practicing mindful yoga while in a pristine setting. While Costa Rica remains a popular destination for yoga vacationers. Ecuador remains an untouched gem. It’s the perfect place to get away from the daily grind and get back into you practice.

Aside from being a pristine loacation for a yoga vacation Mindo is a birder’s paradise and an adventurer’s playground. This tiny town is just a gorgeous two hour bus ride from Quito. The atmosphere is heavenly with the feel of a Costa Rican beach but in the mountains.  With only one main road running the length of town and few side streets, you can take your time enjoying the laid-back atmosphere rather than rushing to get your bearings. Breathe in the warm, moist air and your lungs will thank you for escaping big city life. Outdoor activities include canopy sip-line tours, waterfall hikes, and river tubing while those seeking to take a break from an adrenaline-pumping lifestyle can enjoy butterfly and orchid farms, chocolate tasting and bird-watching tours.

Meditation: Softening the Gaze

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Feeling scattered or out of balance?
Enjoy this quick video, the first in a four part series of simple breathing and meditation techniques to help refocus your day and rediscover your center. Lead by our Andean Meditation Retreat instructor, Kimberly Braun.

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Quito…here we come!

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Driving through the flatlands of Alligator Alley on our way to the Avenue of Volcanoes…what a great way to spend a Tuesday morning!



AAS in the News!

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Last week, Greg and I sat down with Dave Hodges of the Tallahassee Democrat to chat about how incredible we think Ecuador is and how on earth we ended up traveling there in the first place.  Over a steaming cup of coffee at Bruggers Bagels in my hometown of Tallahassee, FL, we overwhelmed him with details about how you can travel through different ecological worlds within just a few hours. We told him how much fun it is to wear llama chaps and ride along the windswept plains like a traditional Ecuadorian Chagra; how invigorated we feel after waking up in a tropical cloud forest paradise. He patiently recorded our stories of the breathtaking landscapes, hospitality, adventure, serenity, and exhilaration we experience in this incredible country.  And this is what he came up with: Travelers Turn Their Fun into Business

IMG_1581 Cotopaxi Paramo Llama Chaps IMG_0770 Coast Whale Watching Boat

Adventure Yoga Retreats in Ecuador…Huh?

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Want some relaxation, adventure, exhilaration, and serenity on vacation? Sure, we’ve got some of that…

So, let’s talk about something soulful and emotional: the rejuvenating, healing, relaxing, deeply personal, balancing and exhilarating reasons why we are specifically leading YOGA RETREATS here.

Have you been on a yoga and/or wellness retreat in Costa Rica? India? The Caribbean? Italy? Amazing…I know that these experiences can be life-changing, soul-altering, and self-affirming journeys and I desperately hope you have memories that will last a lifetime. Breathe in and remember those moments…

And now consider that you can experience EVEN MORE in a relatively new destination. Ecuador doesn’t really do yoga…yet. There are a few little surf/yoga retreats on the coast and a handful of eco-lodges popping up in the Andes who offer weekend retreats but we’re thrilled to be offering something exclusive, hot off the presses, and new to the scene: a truly unique adventure yoga experience on the equator.

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Ecuador Yoga Retreats: Peace, Rejuvenation, Exhilaration

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Join us for a peaceful, exhilarating, and rejuvenating Active Yoga Retreat along the Ecuadorian Andes. From a tropical cloud forest paradise to the windswept plains of the highlands, we explore the highlights of the Avenue of Volcanoes while taking time daily for yoga practice, reflection, meditation, creative journaling, and more. We are privileged to work with instructors from all across the US who bring creativity, vivacity, and passion to each yoga retreat, creating a unique experience each week. Visit our full calendar of upcoming trips and stay tuned; we’re adding more unforgettable experiences all the time!

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Why Ecuador?

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A lot of people ask us, “why Ecuador” when we talk about places to travel. Most Americans have barely heard of it and and often can’t locate it on a map until we say that Ecuador includes the Galapagos Islands…ah, yes, the light bulb comes on! People have generally heard of these famous islands, know what they’re famous for and usually know their approximate location. Ecuador has so much more to offer than that!

If you read my bio you will see that I initially arrived in Guayaquil looking to get an A+ grade in Spanish 2. Before that, I had little desire to travel to South America and had never heard of Ecuador, let alone the city of Guayaquil. I stayed that first time with a host family and in one short month, I fell in love with this country. Nothing has been the same since. Ecuador is so easy to reach and is such a fantastic experience, words just simply cannot describe it. Despite that fact, I would like to give it a try by sharing just a few reasons why you should come visit this tiny, amazing country.

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What to do before or after your Galapagos cruise

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The destination most visited in Ecuador by foreign travelers is hands down the Galapagos Islands. A destination high on many bucket lists, the Galapagos are a magical, mystical, wonderful grouping of islands sure to provide the backdrop to an unforgettable experience. But we’re not here to talk about the islands this time….sigh….

Many folks we chat with on travel forums are asking questions like:
“What to do with 3 days in Quito”
“Need Pre-Galapagos Itinerary Suggestions”
“What to do before or after my Galapagos cruise”
“Day trips from Quito”
“Post Galapagos Cruise suggestions”
…you get the idea

I have answered dozens of these posts and started feeling like a broken record so I thought I’d record my suggestions here for all to see!

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Eating our way through Ecuador!

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A quick summary to satisfy your curiosity and your palate! From great views in Quito to the depths of the Amazon, we’ve eaten our way through Ecuador and LOVED IT! Yum!

Interesting Eats (12) Interesting Eats (11) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Interesting Eats (23)

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Life on the EcoVia

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Life on the EcoVia follows a relatively regular schedule…although, I have yet to figure out what the schedule is! The giant red bus-train screams along its designated lane…except when it crawls along it…or when a line of cars with black-out windows carries a dignitary along the same path or when a passenger screams out to have the driver brake because his arm has been shut in the doors, or when a motorcyclist decides he’s had enough of the city traffic and chooses the “private” route of the EcoVia instead of common city roads…you get the picture. The “eco-friendly” transportation line continues on at its own pace, spewing diesel fumes along its route that dye the walls black.

Sometimes four of them will pass by, so crammed full of commuters that I think not one of them can breathe yet, without fail, more hopeful passengers cram themselves into seemingly impossible spaces. I usually choose to wait as I have not yet become comfortable with the thought of cramming my face into someone else’s armpit.

Oh, but when you finally get on the Eco Via! Oh what a world awaits.

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