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The Art of Zen and Brick Laying in the Andes

Posted by in Chugchilán,Places,Typical Ecuador | August 8, 2012
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(Enjoy this guest post written by a Peace Corps volunteer assigned to a small town tucked away in the Ecuadorian Andes: Thanks Ali!)

I recently moved on from the small community of Chugchilan, Ecuador where I spent two years living amongst the native people of the Andes. I learned from and benefited from a lifestyle of simplicity, and lived in accordance with the subtle changes of seasons and earth. I learned so much about suffering, survival, and happiness from the people that live there. I learned what it means to rise with the sun every morning, and to descend from each day with a greater appreciation for those who depend on subsistence agriculture. I had to sit with many things I witnessed such as malnutrition, sickness, poverty, and was humbled by it all.

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Posted by in Chugchilán,Places | July 21, 2012
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(Guest Post by Erika Anton about her adventures in transit to and from the small, friendly community of Chugchilan)

On my four hour bus ride from Latacunga to Chugchilán my bus got stopped for and hour and fifteen minutes at around two o’clock in the afternoon. This was in addition to waking up at six a.m. to make it to Terminal Quitumbe on the Ecovia, and then getting on a bus to Latacunga so I could catch the only bus leaving that day (Thursday) to Chugchilán It was a long day of traveling, but totally worth it.

We ended up waiting for workers to put in eight concrete tubes that were supposed to help with drainage. Passengers got off the bus and entertained themselves with how the construction was being carried out, discussing what the other options were (hiking the last 20+km, how long would that take?, maybe four hours? Etc.), and getting to know each other.

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