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Even More “Why Ecuador”…

Posted by in Why Ecuador | September 30, 2013
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Part of our challenge as a company guiding exclusively in Ecuador is that a surprising number of people have never heard of Ecuador. Until you say Galapagos Islands, many people don’t know much about this incredible country and surely know little of the mainland’s growing status as a vacation destination, let alone its potential for hosting a truly powerful wellness journey. There are a couple of things working in our favor to remedy this:

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Adventure Yoga Retreats in Ecuador…Huh?

Posted by in Uncategorized,Why Ecuador | March 22, 2013
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Want some relaxation, adventure, exhilaration, and serenity on vacation? Sure, we’ve got some of that…

So, let’s talk about something soulful and emotional: the rejuvenating, healing, relaxing, deeply personal, balancing and exhilarating reasons why we are specifically leading YOGA RETREATS here.

Have you been on a yoga and/or wellness retreat in Costa Rica? India? The Caribbean? Italy? Amazing…I know that these experiences can be life-changing, soul-altering, and self-affirming journeys and I desperately hope you have memories that will last a lifetime. Breathe in and remember those moments…

And now consider that you can experience EVEN MORE in a relatively new destination. Ecuador doesn’t really do yoga…yet. There are a few little surf/yoga retreats on the coast and a handful of eco-lodges popping up in the Andes who offer weekend retreats but we’re thrilled to be offering something exclusive, hot off the presses, and new to the scene: a truly unique adventure yoga experience on the equator.

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Why Ecuador?

Posted by in Misc,Typical Ecuador,Why Ecuador | January 13, 2013
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A lot of people ask us, “why Ecuador” when we talk about places to travel. Most Americans have barely heard of it and and often can’t locate it on a map until we say that Ecuador includes the Galapagos Islands…ah, yes, the light bulb comes on! People have generally heard of these famous islands, know what they’re famous for and usually know their approximate location. Ecuador has so much more to offer than that!

If you read my bio you will see that I initially arrived in Guayaquil looking to get an A+ grade in Spanish 2. Before that, I had little desire to travel to South America and had never heard of Ecuador, let alone the city of Guayaquil. I stayed that first time with a host family and in one short month, I fell in love with this country. Nothing has been the same since. Ecuador is so easy to reach and is such a fantastic experience, words just simply cannot describe it. Despite that fact, I would like to give it a try by sharing just a few reasons why you should come visit this tiny, amazing country.

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