Meditation: A Warming Breath

Posted by in Meditation | June 11, 2013
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Need an energy boost?

This is part two of our four part series sharing simple breathing and meditation techniques you can use anywhere & anytime to refocus your energies and bring your day back on track. This video focuses on Kapalabahti, a warming breath, that can help with mental clarity and increasing energy as you warm your body.

Lead by our Andean Meditation Retreat instructor, Kimberly Braun, this video shares a quick way to regain your balance and take a step away from daily grind and return energized.

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A Warming Breath for Mental Clarity and Increased Energy

This is a warming breath but it also brings mental clarity so if you are going into something that you’re a little nervous about and your mind is frustrated or anxious just a slight bit, it can help bring clarity of the mind. It also warms the body so warming and also producing a lot more chi throughout the body. I’m not going to teach the real mechanics of it because I know we don’t have that much time but I want to give you a sense of it.

What we’re going to do is to draw a breath in, if you can, through your nose. The reason we try to use our nose is the nose prepares the air for your lungs. It gets it to the right temperature and humidity so that it can be best received by the body. If you can’t use your nose, use your mouth.

We’re going to draw a breath in. I want you to place your left hand here on your gut with your right hand on top just to make sure we get the breath down into the diaphram. When you draw your breath in, draw it down into the gut.

Ok? And then, when we begin and we exhale, we’re going to push the air out STRONGLY. It will sound like this…(pulse exhale ten times)…You’re flexing the stomach.

We’re only going to do a round of ten because if you’re not used to it, it can make you very dizzy.

Again, this is for mental clarity and it warms the body. It increases your energy, ok?

So draw a breath in…
(Pulse exhale 10 times)…
And relax…

Does anybody feel a shift with that? Does anybody feel anything? Leave a comment and let us know!

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