Meditation: A Cooling Breath

Posted by in Meditation | June 19, 2013
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Feeling Tense and Stressed?

This is part three of our four part series sharing simple breathing and meditation techniques you can use anywhere & anytime to refocus your energies and bring your day back on track. This video focuses on Brahmari, a cooling breath that can also help release tension in your neck and shoulders.

Lead by our Andean Meditation Retreat instructor, Kimberly Braun, this video shares a quick way to regain your balance, take a break from daily grind and return relaxed.

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A Cooling Breath for Tension Release

Sometimes we are too heated up and we need to cool down. Being too heated up can also increase our stress level.

So this is a cooling breath. All it is is a humming and it’s kind of fun so we’re going to start and you’re going to choose one pitch to hum in.

We’re going to bring a breath in…does everyone know how to hum? Has anyone hummed recently?…Hahahah…ok, so NOW is your chance! You can even hum a tune if you want. Ok, so you’re going to draw a breath in and it’s going to sound like this…hmmmmmmmm….it should tickle the lips a little bit.

It is a cooling breath and it also releases any tension you might be holding in your shoulders and your neck which while being physical, is also very emotional.  So let’s do two breaths on one tone and then on the 3rd breath, I want to invite you and challenge you to play with the voice a little bit. Just be a little silly. You can move around, you can choose a pitch that’s uncomfortable for you. We’re in a group so you’re anonymous and everyone is looking this way and no one is looking at you.

So two breaths on one tone and the third breath, play around a little bit.

Ok, invite in a breath
And again
And one more time playing
Hummmmmmmmmm, Hummmmmmmm

That was great! You guys are good…we can work with that!

Do you feel a release of tension? Try it a few more times and tell us how you feel!

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