Even More “Why Ecuador”…

Posted by in Why Ecuador | September 30, 2013
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Part of our challenge as a company guiding exclusively in Ecuador is that a surprising number of people have never heard of Ecuador. Until you say Galapagos Islands, many people don’t know much about this incredible country and surely know little of the mainland’s growing status as a vacation destination, let alone its potential for hosting a truly powerful wellness journey. There are a couple of things working in our favor to remedy this:

1. Forbes rated Ecuador as the #1 location for international retirement for 5 years in a row! Even though this classification focuses primarily on long term benefits such as low cost of living, health care, and safety ratings and less on factors that might draw in a tourist, it is still assisting in getting the word out that Ecuador is a destination worth checking into.

2. Publications such as National Geographic Traveler and Travel + Leisure have also begun to notice the Ecuadorian mainland on a more consistent basis. In a time of economic downturns for countries all over the world, Ecuador offers a relatively affordable experience that allows those with a restless, adventurer’s spirit a land to explore without overwhelming price tags.

For more reasons why we think Ecuador itself is a destination worth considering, see Greg’s earlier blog entry here. With benefits such as breathtaking natural diversity and a beautiful mix of Andean, Incan, Spanish, and modern traditions, Ecuador is becoming known as a place where “environments and peoples that seem worlds apart are sometimes just a few hours drive away.”-Travel Channel

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